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Train today with your family in the privacy of your own home to become more self reliant. Learn Survial, Prepardness, Off-Grid Living strategies, or just to be more prepared to survive any natural or man-made disaster. You have found the only program offered like this in the United States that educates your family or group to survive in any situation and in any environment.

(Please disregard the video descriotion of  future opportunity to become an instructor.  Doug has moved on to new projects however the video training remains and is still second to none.)

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Doug Huffman of Sierra School of Survival has been living Urban and Wilderness Survival for decades. His real life experiences have translated into practical education for nearly every government agency out there and over the years he has developed this complete program to meet any survival situation. Through video Doug is now bringing the same training to the public. The survival skills that have kept Doug alive through real life operations is now the same survival training that will get you and your family through any natural or man-made flash mob or disaster.


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