The Guys behind the scenes.

There is no way our little company could survive if it were not for the “guys behind the scenes” at Zepp’s Predator Calls.

Eddie Hawkins is my “right hand man” and runs the camera for us more than I do these days. It is a 100% fact that his footage ranks as some of the “best of the best” in the industry. He’s been a great friend when we were all going through our own struggles. I have been blessed with some great hunting partners in my life, buddies like Matt Littlefield, Jay Darr, Steve Prosak, Dave Hollenberg, and Big Jon Frohling. Fella’s who’ve shared some incredible moments in my life. That, in the end is what the journey is all about, the special relationships you build as you grow older and wiser. Eddie has been one of those guys and it has been a terrific experience to see him grow as a hunter, and more importantly, as a human being over the last dozen years or so. Eddie, thanks for all you have done for us and listening to my endless ramblings and walking along on those sometimes very questionable stand selections !


Photo –

Eddie Hawkins is my “Right hand Man”, does a terrific job of running a camera and is “sniper like accurate” when he’s squeezing the trigger on a coyote.

When I watch many of the other predator hunting DVD’s on the market, I am forever grateful to our shooters, our All Star assembly of gunners that Eddie is largely responsible for putting together. Billy, Corey, Allan, Jake, Danny. I am also grateful to the “guru of all reloading guru’s”, Wayne. These guys spend a lot of time at the range, analyzing powders, loads and communicating their discoveries with each other. I have never been the least bit knowledgeable about “gun talk” but I am darn sure grateful that these guys are.

It’s more than fair to say that close to 90% of the coyotes these guys shoot are dead before they hit the ground, many times without having an exit hole. For an animal that all of us have a special bond with, I think this is how the game should be played.


Photo –

Some of the guys who make the coyotes fall over or just help us out at our annual Zepp’s BBQ.

There are others like Lee “Dude” Kjos and Tom Dokken who have helped us out in special ways and made us look “big” when we were far, far from it. The three of us took a trip to South Dakota 10 years ago and in many ways, it was a life changing experience. A lot has changed since that trip but these guys today, just like ten years ago, still possess one of the traits I truly appreciate in a person: the ability to load their brain before opening their mouth when important questions are asked.

Photo –

Tom Dokken, Big Mark and Lee Kjos.


People who truly know me will tell you that I am perpetually restless and always looking for another adventure. Most of these trips allow me, for a few brief moments, to become a kid again, to relive those precious moments from Treefine Hereford Farm, where my dad turned me loose at a young age because he knew and somehow understood I’d stay out of trouble in the hills, hollows, creeks and rivers that surrounded the place.
Those were great days and I hope there are many more ahead.


Photo –

“My “boy” Wyatt at age 6 without his front teeth and a jumbo Indiana coon.

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