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I am perhaps most proud of the following testimonial.... from the King of all Coyote Kings...the man many refer to as "The General".  He is responsible for more coyote kills than any other man in the United States and is one of my all time Heroes.

Mark Z -

Used the Kill Pole Howler for the first time and first use period.  Called up and shot a pair of coyotes that had killed 10 calves.  Used the series of howls Bill Austin said he had best luck with - Call sounded so good! Male was exceptionally large and had just killed several week old calves.

Thanks for making a quality call.

Craig O'Gorman

I just wanted to drop you a e-mail to thank you for what I believe are the best videos in the industry, they are a joy to watch and make everyone feel they are a part of your family. Thank you and keep up the great work it is truly appreciated.  God bless you and your family.

Your friend,
Ed Gajewski

Hi Mark,

I don't do much e-mailing but just thought I would drop you a line
to say how much I enjoy your blog articles on Predator Professionals.  You are the
most honest person in the predator industry, no B.S. and you make a really
good hand call too. I have been calling coyotes for 35 years I like listing
to the pro's.  My dad would tell me its better to show someone what you
know than tell them so here are a few pictures from my world.

Randy Scott - Idaho

Dear Mark,

I wanted to thank you for your videos.  My wife thinks I am losing it as I watch them time and again.  I like your style of narrating and really appreciate the professional videography and editing.  You are on the top of your game and the imitators are coming thick and fast.  Hope you have some new offerings in the near future!

Thanks again,

George Mattson, Washington

Mark,  just wanted to send you a few pics and say thank you for making such a fine quality call.  I have been using one of your 1080's for a few years now with great success.  A recent trip to Montana gave me the oppurtunity to try out the rattler that i've been carrying around on my lanyard for some time, and as you can see it worked just fine.

Ryan Johnson
San Antonio,TX


Hello Mark:

This past weekend my wife and I decided to take a few days and go to Amish country. Being a casual hunter I decided to stop at Fin Feather & Fur  and pick up a video on Coyote hunting. That evening in the motel I started to watch the video and soon saw the "Whitney" road sign. It didn't take but a few seconds to realize who created the finest hunting video I have ever seen. This brought back my first two meetings with your grandfather. By the way, I am Larry Gilles and I still live in the house next to your grandparents home on Whitney Road.

It looks like you, your wife and son are doing just fine. How is the rest of the family? It's been a lot of years.

By the way, there are now quite a few coyotes in this area. Just west of Oberlin I know of someone who shot and trapped 23. Another gentleman at the Fin shot over 50. We have seen them in the fields and one in the yard of your grandparents old place.

I understand you may be coming to the Fin for some seminars. If you have a date please drop me a line so I can attend and see you again. I have known Mike Goshinski, Jake and Tom  since they were at the original store down the road.

By the way, before I made it home from our trip  I became the owner of a Zepp Predator Call and a FoxPro Firestorm game caller. Maybe it will help me with my deer hunting also.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Fin.

Larry Gilles

Hi Mark,

Here is a couple coyotes from today with my Brand New Zepp calls ! I hope I was the first to buy them from Cabela's and with a few thousand buyers right behind me.

By the way they will call coyotes!

Merry Christmas to you and your family

Roger Gibbs


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