Somewhere around 2001, I ran across a nice guy by the name John Bolen while working Game Fair, an outdoor show in Anoka, Minnesota.  His company was Bolen Callin' Strings and he made excellent lanyards.  Most of them were designed for water fowlers and, in my opinion, too cumbersome and uncomfortable for me and most predator callers, since our calls are much lighter in weight than the "wad" of acrylic calls many duck and goose hunters carry to their blinds and use while hunting ducks and geese.

But. he also made some smaller diameter lanyards and I had him custom make a few different styles and sizes for me.  Because I am a bigger guy, most lanyards don't "fit me" properly, but I had him come up with what I considered to be the perfect size and settled on a 6 drop lanyard in the process.  I think 99% of the guys out there calling don't need more than a half dozen calls around their neck.

Bolen's lanyards became so popular in his "niche" that they were soon copied by virtually every big name waterfowl company and aspiring lanyard maker.  The "big boys" sent Bolen's lanyards to China, and with their distribution channels, in the long run, put him out of business.  I guess that's the American Way for some of these big companies; there is no R & D, or research and design, its R & C, research and copy.

Lots of other guys stole his patterns and weaves, some knowingly, some unknowingly, but none of them ever gave him credit for some of his innovative ideas.

At the 2010 World Predator Expo in Columbus, OH, I ran across a super nice man by the name of Jeff Preston who was in the Predator Masters Booth selling some very good looking, quality lanyards.  We talked awhile and discussed the possibility of him making a "Bolen" style lanyard for me.  Jeff had a few recommendations on how to change the lanyard as well as some ideas that he thought might improve it in a few ways.

When everything was said and done, I think we came up with a great product.

This American Made, six drop "Bolen style" lanyard is exclusively made for Zepp's Predator Calls by Master Lanyard Maker Jeff Preston.  I honestly think Jeff made some improvements on the original design, allowing guys to adjust the placement on some of the loops to create less "bangin' and clattering" when you're walking into your stand.

You can buy cheaper priced Korean and Chinese made imports from the big box boys, but you can't buy a better lanyard than this one.  In addition, my stamp of approval goes on each and every one of these "Kentucky Made" lanyards: I put a top quality Zepp's Predator Calls "Trap Tag" on them.  These are the same top quality tags I use on my coyote and coon trap lines.

Price is $25.00

$20.00 when ordered with two or more calls

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