A Pile of Memories…and Fur

I think one of the hardest things to do is come up with fresh ideas for new projects.  To put out a DVD every year just isn’t something I’m willing to do at this time, not because Eddie and I haven’t filmed enough animals, but because I don’t have a different enough story to tell or things to teach or talk about on a yearly basis.  Other guys and companies are different because they heavily rely on sponsorship dollars or feel like they need to say something, when many time’s, they are actually saying nothing and are not improving their filming or editing abilities in the process.

I have always believed that the only way our small company can compete against many of the multi-million dollar company’s in the industry,  is to “out pretty” them with our footage, and I think we do a pretty good job of that.  We certainly can’t out market them or out spend them.  We have to deliver high quality footage and in the process, leave no doubt that we know what we’re talking about.  Hopefully, that comes across when you look at our DVD’s.

My wife Amber and I got married at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch on the east side of Tucson.  It’s a beautiful place and still one of our favorite places to this day.  One day before the wedding, we went out there with her parents who were picking up the bill for our big day.  I was sitting on one of the big leather sofas and Pat Green’s song, Wave on Wave was on the sound system throughout the building and I bought the album awhile later.  It takes a lot for me to spend my hard earned dollars on a CD and when I do, one of my favorite things to do is read what these guys have to say in the few short paragraphs of space they have inside of the CD.

Under a bold headline, A Pile of Memories, he thanked some of the folks who worked on the album.   “What a great title for my next DVD”, I thought to myself.  And so, when our second DVD was released, it was titled A Pile of Memories…and Fur.  It was for all of the great memories we had making the DVD as well as my memories of spending time with Am, our families and very best of friends out at the guest ranch before, during and after our wedding.

The subtitle, Walhonding to the Little Colorado refers to the Walhonding and Little Colorado Rivers.  The Walhonding River was a few miles from our farm and I had countless good times on it while growing up and to this day still marvel at its beauty and smile from the memories.  Fishing, camp fires, coon hunting, canoeing, trapping with guys who are still some of my best friends.  The Little Colorado River is hardly a river at all, but with a Pile of new friends, Jake, Cory, Eddie, Kevin, Danny and others, we have pounded our fair share of coyotes along its banks over the years.

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