At 12 years old I began reading John Wick's articles in Full Cry magazine and writing him letters asking about dog training advice.  Several years later he released a black covered hard bound edition of Walk with Wick, The Tree Dog Encyclopedia , and it changed my life forever.  After college, I would go to work for one of my "hero's" for a 10 year run north of the Ozarks,  moving off the family farm in Ohio, to work for John and Linda Wick at Wick Outdoor Works in Missouri.

My dad had instilled a 7 day a week work ethic in my brother and I, so moving to Missouri and living life like a gypsy for many years, working 340 days a year's just seemed normal.  The truth is, I really didn't know any different and as a young guy, without a family, had the time of my life traveling all over the country to different hound events for several months out of the year.

John and Linda Wick enforced the work ethic my Dad had instilled and reminded me that no one ever got ahead in life by working 40 hours a week.....very little is learned by sitting around gossiping in barber shops or coffee shops and if you need a helping hand, look at the end of your wrists.

Walk with Wick, The Tree Dog Encyclopedia, Volume I and Volume II should be required reading for all sporting dog people.  There is not a single dog man that cannot learn something about dogs, or life, by reading these books for  less than it takes you fill up your truck with a tank of gas.....what a bargain!

You get 50 years of knowledge from the "The Godfather" of coon hunting when you read these books.

Reading the original Walk with Wick had a HUGE impact on my life, I believe it will change the way you look at the sport of coon hunting and how you train your dogs if you are open and honest.

Volume I covers these topics and more:

Picking a Pup and a Breeder

FromWeaning to the Woods

Basic Obedience

Medical Problems

Kennel Setup

Breeding and Heredity

Dog Buying

Dog Hauling

Starting Young Dogs

Unscrupulous People and Practices

Treeing Problems

Nite Hunts and Pleasure Hunting

Tips for Successful Mating

The Fighting Dog

Breaking Trash Runners

The Wick Philosophy about Breaking

Shocking Collars and Their Uses

Much, Much more valuable information!


Volume II covers these topics and more:

Cost or Raising and Training

Training Schools

Starting Young Dogs

Shipping Dogs Long Distances

Buyer and Seller Realities

Selling Hides

Hunting with Mules

Dog Dangers

Family Matters

Treeing Problems

Inbreeding and Linebreeding

The Hunter's Guide

The Human Side of Our Sport

Nose Power

When Your Hobby Becomes Your Business

Ethics and Sportsmanship

Coon Club Success

Much, much more valuable information


When you buy these award winning HARDBOUND 320+ page books, chalked full of top quality information and photographs, from Zepp's Predator Calls, they are personally autographed by John Wick himself, adding to their value and collectability down the road.

Volume I $35.00

Volume II $35.00

Buy both and you can buy a Zepp's Lifetime Coon for only $15.00!

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