Our Zepp's Payoff Coon Squaller represents an industry best.


a.)          It is 100% swirl acrylic, which makes it very expensive to make and gives each call its own unique look.  No two of them will look exactly alike....and YES, they are 100% American made, here in our shop.

b.)         Anybody with an honest open mind would agree these are prettiest acrylic squallers ever produced.  If you compare them to anything else similar in price, this squaller should cost over $200.00.  The fit, finish and attention to detail is not like anything else ever produced in our sport.  Each call is precision milled in our CNC machine and then hand buffed one at a time to bring out the color and luster.

c.)          There are four laser engravings on each squaller.  Two raccoon engravings, our Zepp's Coon Squaller logo, and the name of the squaller, "The Payoff"

d.)         Users can easily replace the reed block in the squaller.  This "block" will fit several other squallers on the market as well, so if you can't get a hold of those folks you can order them from us.

e.)          Double rubber o-rings to ensure maximum hold keeping your call together during the toughest of conditions yet easily allows you to change your reeds when needed.

f.)          It is super realistic sounding. It has an extra-large sound chamber on the top half and twice the "horn" or "speaker" on the bottom half of anything similarly priced giving it more volume than other two reed squallers.  This attention to details give it nicer "ring" and louder sound.

Bargain priced at $50.  Available at or from top quality dealers.

Colors available:

Midnight Black

Autumn Leaves

Hunters Moon Yellow

Hunter Green n black

Reddog n' Redtick Red

English and Bluedog Blue




Bargain priced at $50.



Zepp's Lifetime Coon Squaller

The #1 selling coon squaller in the United States.  The only one with a Lifetime Warranty on the reeds lanyard and aluminum body!  Top quality lanyard is included.

World Champion Coon Hunters use, swear by it and recommend it to others!!

Three, precisely hand tuned reeds give it a life like squall and coon growl.

Six colors to choose from!  Please specify color

Green, Red, Blue, Black, Gold, Purple or Pink


Zepp's Plus Points Coon Squaller

I love this squaller! Cup your hands over the end and let her rip!  Great sound, lots of volume. Top quality lanyard is included.

Four Colors to choose from

Blue, Green, Amber or Pink






Zepp's River Bottom Squaller

The newly designed polycarbonate River Bottom Coon Squaller has two hand tuned, user replaceable reeds.  It is half to one third the cost of similat dual reed squallers!  Great sound and price!!  $16.00  Lanyard included.




Zepp's Reed Replacement Kit

Our reed kit includes a half dozen reeds, aluminum rod, wooden dowel, o-ring and reed block! This will allow you to repair, multiple times, just about every coon squaller on the market, our competitors as well as our own!  This kit will repair our Lifetime, Plus Points, River Bottom, and Payoff coon squallers as well as all of our Rattler Predator Calls and our Fox-Bobcat-Coyote Getter! All for only $15.00




Wicks Books

At 12 years old I began reading John Wick’s articles in Full Cry magazine and writing him letters asking about dog training advice. Several years later he released a black covered hard bound edition of Walk with Wick, The Tree Dog Encyclopedia , and it changed my life forever. After college, I would go to work for one of my “hero’s” for a 10 year run north of the Ozarks, moving off the family farm in Ohio, to work for John and Linda Wick at Wick Outdoor Works in Missouri.  Read More
When you buy these award winning HARDBOUND 320+ page books, chalked full of top quality information and photographs, from Zepp’s Predator Calls, they are personally autographed by John Wick himself, adding to their value and collectability down the road.
Volume I Out of Print as of July 2019, No longer available


Volume II $29.00
All books ship Media Mail


Buy Volume II and you can buy a Zepp’s Lifetime Coon Squaller for only $15.00!
Choose your color





Gone To The Dogs

In 1988, freshly out of college and trying to find my way in the world, I drove to American Redbone Days in Sedalia, MO for a job interview with John Wick in hopes of becoming part of team for John and Linda Wick's newly opened retail store, Wick Outdoor Works.  I have a handful of memories from that trip, but my two favorite, were meeting my childhood "Hero", Wick, and a new friend, Steve Fielder who was there working for and representing The United Kennel Club.



It is hard to believe that that was almost 3 decades ago as I write this!! During that time, Steve went on to directly run, or be a huge part of running every facet of the Coon Hound programs at The United Kennel Club, The Professional Kennel Club and The American Kennel Club as well as act as a consultant for other companies in the industry. He is one of less than a handful of individuals who has dedicated his entire professional career to our great sport of Coon Hunting, and his "finger prints" are everywhere in our sport. He has had his hands in the writing and rewriting of rules for our competition events, fighting for Hound hunter's rights, pushing for Youth programs, editing and being responsible for the content of several of our sports publications, picking great locations for his registries National events, getting major corporations to donate unbelievable prize packages and a list of accomplishments so numerous that they could fill pages in this book.



Although I have attended literally thousands of sporting dogs events since that drive to Sedalia so many years ago, that particular event changed my life in so many ways.....and one of them was that first introduction, handshake and laugh I shared with Steve.  I have been honored to call him a friend since then. His current monthly feature in American Cooner Magazine is a favorite of mine as he reflects and shares his thoughts, memories and many years in the industry with readers.  This 198 page book will be no different...a favorite for years to come!



All books ship Media Mail


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