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Made in America - 100% Aluminum - Expertly welded

If you hunt hard and get soaking wet boots and gloves this is the boot dryer for you. It is the best boot dryer on the market. Big company’s don’t make something like this because it would need to sell them for three or four times what we charge in order for them to make any money on it. It works via a hair dryer that you can steal from your wife or buy with the dryer.

Many of today's boot dryers have to be thrown away when the heating element goes bad....that is not the case with this one.

The boot dryer sold by Wick Outdoor Works in the 80’s and early 90’s was “almost” perfect. The problem was the PVC pipes, when they got hot, eventually they bent over and became brittle from the heat of the hair dryer and broke. This one is 100% aluminum and welded the very best so it won’t break unless you back over it with your truck!

If your boots or gloves get really wet, and you ever owned a Wick Boot dryer, it left a huge void in your life when they went off the market!! I kept mine in working order for almost 30 years and when it broke I knew I had to do something about it.

If your boots get wet on the first night of vacation more than likely they are still wet a week or two after vacation because all of the other boot dryers on the market take three or four days, or longer, to dry your boots and they never quite get dry. This one won’t take that long and you can dry them overnight. This dryer also works great on your wet gloves or hat. When it's freezing cold, you can warm up your dry boots before going out to feed the dogs or run the snow blower.

The only thing you’ll need is your wife’s hair dryer or you can order one with the dryer. The aluminum box and pipes will get hot so make sure you use this on a cement floor in your shop. To be safe don’t use this on any kind of carpeting or vinyl flooring.

I definitely recommend you buy this product with the dryer and timer although you can use your own hair dryer. This product is heavy and ships in a larger size box so shipping is $40.00

Price for the aluminum dryer $130.00

Price for boot dryer, air dryer and timer $150.00

Boot Dryer




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